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Best Headphones Under 1000 for gaming 2021 in India: With so many choices out there, it’s hard to find the best headphones under 1000 for gaming, but don’t worry; we’ve created a list that perfectly suits your needs.

Gaming is always joyful, even in the stress situation. People play games to reduce stress, anxiety, or just for fun. That adventure with the dragon, flying cars, or hardcore AAA games gives immense sound and excellent graphics.

However, to fully experience this sound, you need a headphone. Headphones not just enhance your gaming experience but also allow you to listen to music and videos as well.

Truth be told, in India, people stick with the budget, and sometimes the budget is low, so finding the best headphones under 1000 for gaming it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.

But with dedicated research and genuine reviews, we always come up with the best list out there. Here is our list; check it out.

Best Headphones Under 1000 for Gaming 2021

1) Kotion Each Cosmic Byte GS420

Best Headphones Under 1000 for Gaming 2021 - Kotion Each Cosmic Byte GS420

Our first choice is Kotion Each Cosmic Byte GS420 headphones that come with over-ear designed and extremely comfortable fitting. Along with gaming, you can listen to music or stream videos.

The headphones work with a single 3.5 mm jack providing sound and mic. It has a comfortable cushion head pad and earpad that ensures that your head stays comfortable or doesn’t experience weights during long gaming hours.

In addition, Speaking about sound quality, this baby provides crisp and clear sound quality along with the deep bass and features a smart in-line remote control for adjusting mic and sound as a Best Headphones Under 1000 for Gaming 2021.

Key features

  • The frequency range of 12 Hz to 20 kHz
  • 2.1 m cable length
  • Soft and smooth ear pad
  • An ideal choice for long hours of gaming

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2) Cosmic Byte H1 Gaming Headphone

Cosmic Byte H1 Gaming Headphone

Cosmic Byte gaming headphones are known for their durability and comfortable fitting. Comes with an over-ear headphones design and lightweight model, Cosmic Byte H1 is an excellent choice for laptop gaming, PC gaming, mobile, PS4, and Xbox One.

In addition, It pairs with an elegant 3.5 mm audio mic jack that easily fits on devices and makes communication faster. And the best part, Cosmic Byte, offers a one-year warranty.

One kick against the headphone is that the bass is not good compared to other products in our list; however, sound quality is impressive, but high-level volume bass became noisy and comfy.

The most attractive part of these headphones is their design, which is simply elegant and crafted only for gamers. If you don’t have a splurge, then this headphone might be a top-notch choice for you.

Key Features

  • Sturdy design and strong material
  • Budget-friendly gaming headphones
  • One year of warranty
  • Sharp mic quality
  • Good wire length

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3) HP H100 (Best Headphones Under 1000 for Gaming 2021)

HP H100

Let’s face it, not many brands manufacture gaming headphones under 1000, but with HP, this is not the case. HP H100 comes within a budget and delivers deep and immense audio.

Comes with level 3 key optical gaming headphones, this baby is designed to deliver high-end performance.

Similarly, The headphones work with 3.5 mm wired and able to deliver quick connectivity while playing games or streaming videos. Many budget gaming headphones don’t come with noise-canceling capability, but HP H100 does work in this feature and provides (we don’t say high end but average noise-canceling features.

Key Features

  • Nice noise canceling
  • Immense music experience
  • Big design and extreme look
  • Level 3 key optical gaming
  • Decent bass even during high volume
  • One year of warranty

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4) Redragon H120 Wired Gaming headset

Redragon H120 Wired Gaming headset

Redragon H120 is budget-friendly and a value-for-money product available in the market. Boasts 40mm neodymium directional drivers and 103dB sensitivity, this headphone gives crystal clear audio and a high-end gaming experience.

Also, The comfy and lightweight design makes it easier to wear it for long hours without putting pressure on your head. Not to mention noise-canceling features that isolate unnecessary sound and give clear audio.

In addition, The wired is 6 foot long and comes with a gold plated 3.5mm connector that pairs with in-line volume controllers and offers precise and convenient control over the sound.

Key Feature

  • Easily compatible with all 3.5 audio jack
  • Stylish design
  • Nice noise canceling
  • High sensitivity microphone

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5) JBL C150Si (Best Headphones Under 1000 for Gaming 2021)

JBL C150Si

If you don’t prefer over-ear headphones and like to play with simply wired headphones, JBL C150Si is the right choice. Comes with noise-canceling and Extra deep bass, these headphones are the king of the hill in performance and portability.

In addition, Speaking about the design, JBL has equipped it with a sleek, Glossy, and ergonomic design. And Also the best part, JBL provides three sizes of ear tips for extra comfort.

Further, it comes with One-Button Universal Remote with a mic and allows you to listen to sound very clearly and communicate very precisely.

If you play games on android devices, then you can easily access Google Assistant through a long press.

Key Features

  • Deep and pure bass
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Support voice assistant
  • Premium Metallic finish
  • 3.5mm gold plated jack

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6) Zebronics Zeb Symphony – Best Wireless Headphones under 1000 for gaming

Zebronics Zeb Symphony - Best Wireless Headphones under 1000 for gaming

Zebronics Zeb symphony is wireless headphones and works with Bluetooth technology.

Similarly, It sports a flexible neckband that perfectly fits your neck, and a lightweight design makes sure that you won’t experience any pain.

It comes with a water resistance system, so you can quickly wear it during light rain, workout, or cardio. Similarly, Speaking about battery life, Zebronics provides 13 hours of battery juice out of the box.

Further, it supports dual pairing, which means that you can pair these headphones with two devices simultaneously. Overall, the Zebronics Zeb Symphony is exceptionally durable and comfortable wireless headphones that give an immense gaming experience.

Key features

  • Wireless BT Earphone with a neckband
  • Supports dual pairing
  • Supports voice assistant
  • Features 13 hours of extended battery life

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// Final words //

Narrowing down our list of Best Headphones Under 1000 for Gaming 2021 is tedious, but with in-depth research and testing several products, we come up with the list that is best available in the market.

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